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YING Jewelry

Natural Green Hetian Jade Beads

Sale price$5.00
Size (Diameter):5-6mm

Crafted from genuine Hetian jade, each bead in this collection showcases a rich green hue that exudes tranquility and sophistication. Each bead is meticulously selected to ensure uniformity in color and texture, while subtle variations in shade and pattern add depth and character to every piece. The smooth, polished surface of the beads enhances their natural luster, creating a radiant glow that catches the light with every movement.

Stone: Natural Green Hetian Jade

Diameter: 5-6mm, 7-8mm, 9-10mm, 11-12mm

Comes with elastic cord and beading needle with package for free.

Recommended number of bracelets for reference:

 Wrist Size Bead Diameter 6mm       Bead Diameter 8mm Bead Diameter 10mm Bead Diameter 12mm
14-15cm Wrists 28-29pcs 21-22pcs 19-20pcs 15-16pcs
16-17cm Wrists 31-32pcs 24-25pcs 21-22pcs 17-18pcs
18-19cm Wrists 34-35pcs 26-27pcs 23-24pcs 18-19pcs

100% Guaranteed Certified Real Natural Jade & Gemstone

Purchase does not include certificate. Cost of lab testing fee is US$25, contact us if you require this service.

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