Below are tips that will make your YING Jewelry last as long as possible.

Wearing YING Jewelry:
1. Avoid contacting with soaps, lotions, and perfumes. Remove YING jewelry putting on lotions, fragrances and makeup. These products contain chemicals that will remove the shine of your jewelry over time.
2. Avoid wearing your jewelry while swimming and remove it when washing hands, showering. Chlorine can discolor and remove the coating from your jewelry.
3. Avoid wearing your jewelry while exercising, as sweat can cause gold plated jewelry to tarnish.
4. Make sure your jewelry is the last part of your getting ready process as this will help prevent jewelry from catching on your clothes and from getting mixed with makeup, lotions or perfumes.

Storing YING Jewelry:
Store your jewelry in a cool dry area and in an airtight space such as the velvet pouch or jewelry box that comes with every YING Jewelry order. Keep YING jewelry away from extreme heat, humidity, and other chemicals in the air.

Cleaning YING Jewelry:
Clean jewelry with a soft dry cloth made of cotton or fine fibers. Do not use chemical cleaners as they can remove the finish of your jewelry.